Monday, February 25, 2019

Week 23 PBID Question

Last week's question included the entire alphabet, or as I wrote, "a disaster of alphabetic proportions!" This week's question includes just one small mouse. But there are so many mice in picture books! What book is this guy from, and what is the answer to Week 23 of the #PBIDchallenge?

This mouse has had a busy day. In fact he has just completed a wonderful picture of his family and hung it on the refrigerator. But when he stands back to look at his picture, he is reminded of something. 

What is this mouse reminded of when he looks at the refrigerator, and what does he ask for to solve his problem?

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  1. He was thirsty...he'll ask for a glass of milk!

  2. He is reminded that he is thirsty! He asks for a glass of milk... and chances are, he'll want a cookie to go with it!

  3. He is reminded that he is thirsty and he'll ask for a glass of milk. - Mrs. Rogus' 2nd graders

  4. One of my students answer was the mouse will want to sign his name with a pen because he's reminded of his family.

  5. In the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Laylah helped us find that when the mouse looked at the picture on the refrigerator he would be thirsty and want a glass of milk. From Mrs. Frion.


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