Monday, February 11, 2019

Week 21 PBID Question

It's hard to believe we have already completed 20 weeks of the Picture Book Identification Challenge. TWENTY WEEKS! I'm looking forward to all the questions coming up in the future! How about you?

Before we get to this week's picture and question, let me take a moment to welcome some new visitors. Last week I was in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin State Reading Association's annual convention, and I introduced the #PBIDchallenge to a bunch of teachers. So to all the teachers and students checking out the #PBIDchallenge for the first time, welcome! Good luck with Week 21! (Even if it is only Week 1 for you.)

Take a look at this picture. See the ladybug? That's one brave ladybug. Or a not-very-smart ladybug. Or a something-something-else ladybug because it challenged the lobster to a fight! Please answer two questions about the following image.

According to the book, what kind of ladybug is this? Also, at what time did the ladybug challenge the lobster to a fight?

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