Monday, November 12, 2018

Week 10 PBID Question

Last week many of you recognized the style of the illustration before you knew the answer. That's awesome! Maybe you thought, "That sort of looks like Buzz from Fly Guy, but Mr. W. said it wasn't Buzz. Who wrote the Fly Guy books? What other books has he written?" And that sent you on a search for other books by Tedd Arnold so you could find the answer.

Maybe you will do the same for this week's image. This illustrator's work is very distinctive. Matter of fact, there are several of this person's illustrations hanging in my office right now!

On to the question!

This girl is a big fan of her brother's work. What is her brother's name?

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Week 9 PBID Answer

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 9 PBID Question

Okay, okay, I think this question might be a tough one. (I think it might be hard, but you guys surprise me every week!) Just in case, I'm going to give everyone a clue right away. Ready? Here is your clue:

This picture is not Buzz. 

Does that help or only make it more confusing? Good luck!

Why did this boy use all that tape on himself?

Week 8 PBID Answer