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For nearly twenty years Brian Wilhorn has had his feet in the classroom, his nose in a book, and his finger on the pulse of children’s literature. His love of reading transfers directly to his students – they beg, borrow, and steal (figuratively, of course) for more time to read. Brian is convinced that motivating readers becomes infinitely easier when they are given books worth reading, books they want to read, and created Help Readers Love Reading to share those books with other educators.

Brian is currently a reading intervention teacher in central Wisconsin where he lives with his wife, children, and too many piles of books.


  1. I remember in 4th grade when we would beg you to keep reading to us. Well i guess what I am saying is that it has payed off on me cause right know I am reading the book "The Lost Symbol" it is an awesome book I am the first one to read it in my family. If you have read it tell me how you liked it cause I love it so far.

    Danielle Lynn Fuller

  2. Well, thank you very much. I'm glad it payed off and you're finding books you enjoy. No, I haven't read The Lost Symbol, so I'll have to take your word on it being an awesome book.

    Thanks for visiting the site!

    Mr. W

  3. Hi Brian,
    I attended your presentation last night at the SSRC meeting. I am re-ENERGIZED! I am a very recently (6/2010) retired principal of 18 years. During that time one of my schools was referred to as the "Literacy Capital of District 130". I have always been passionate about reading and have tried to instill that in my teachers. I am now a professor at a private college and will soon be teaching reading. I ams o excited to share some of what I heard last night. Your message has always been my message...and now I have book titles to match to my message! I could never keep up with the titles! Thanks for a great presentation. Do you know about the website Choice Literacy? There, I shared something with you! :)

    Beth Wilson
    Trinity Chrisitan College
    Palos Heights, IL

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the presentation and left with helpful information and books to share. I had a great time talking with everyone in the South Suburban Reading Council.

    And thanks for taking the time to visit the site and leave feedback.


  5. Hi Brian,
    Heard your name this morning in a Guided Reading Short Session from CESA.
    I was excited to find your blog and look forwarded to finding some good reads for my second graders. It has been many years, but good to catch up!
    Vicki Stuber Howell

  6. Hey, it is good to hear from you too! It's been, what, like 3, 4 years? (Or just a couple more?) I hope the site ends up being a good resource for you.


  7. I love the help I just got for the book "Wonder" to my 6th graders. I am currently teaching in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia at an American school. I have varying degrees of reading proficiency and want to get them interested in reading and I can see this book hitting a nerve with quite a few of them. Your notes really help and thank you for giving us access to them. Tell me what I can do for you to further your cause in this part of the world. Thank you.
    Saadia Munir Hammad


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