Monday, March 2, 2020

Week 20 #PictYourBooks Challenge

Last week we shared books that take place far away, so I was thinking that this week we should do the opposite.

Challenge #20: Share a book that takes place close to home. 

However, the closer you get to home, the harder it gets. For example, I don't know any books that take place in my hometown but can name a couple books that happen in central Wisconsin. It gets easier if you include all of Wisconsin, and if "close to home" includes neighboring states, then we could name a bunch, I'm sure.

But don't forget to think creatively. There's a phrase that says "that hits close to home" which means something affects you personally. Just today I read a book with some students about a man who got a new puppy. Even though the book isn't in a place close to me, the book still hits close to home because my family just got a new puppy too! Once you think creatively, this week's challenge becomes:

Challenge #20: Share a book that hits close to home. 

So either way is fine. Share a book that happens in a location close to home or book that connects to you personally, one that hits close to home.

You have one week to submit your answer. Answers can be submitted three ways. Snap a picture of any book that answers the challenge and:
Please include the week number with your picture. You may also include who the image is from, like a teacher's name, and a description of how the book answers the challenge. Writing information on a sticky note and including it in the picture works great!

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