Monday, December 9, 2019

Week 11 #PictYourBooks Challenge

I remembered!

The last #PictYourBooks post explained how I forgot to share an update with everyone about how Week #10 was actually going to last for two weeks. I was going to post that on Monday, but forgot. Then it was going to be on Tuesday, but I forgot. So it finally appeared on Wednesday.

In that post I said that maybe forgetfulness would be part of the next challenge. Well, the next challenge is here, and I remembered!

Challenge #11: Share a book where something is forgotten or remembered (or both). 

Maybe a thief carelessly left behind a clue, forgetting to cover his tracks. Maybe a detective remembered something important which helped solve a crime. Maybe characters who are up to mischief forgot when Mom was coming home and got caught. Be creative in how you see forgetting or remembering in your books. I can't wait to see what you share.

You have one week to submit your answer. Answers can be submitted three ways. Snap a picture of any book that answers the challenge and:
Please include the week number with your picture. You may also include who the image is from, like a teacher's name, and a description of how the book answers the challenge. Writing information on a sticky note and including it in the picture works great!

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