Monday, December 10, 2018

Week 14 PBID Question

Two weeks ago was a pretty tough question, but last week a bunch of kids told me the question was way too easy. Maybe this one is in-the-middle. As you can see, this picture features six characters wearing sweaters, and with the way the temperature has been around here, a nice, warm sweater is a great thing to have. So, speaking of sweaters ... 

Who made these sweaters?

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  1. Mrs. Anderson's 2nd grade classDecember 10, 2018 at 9:30 AM

    Annabelle and her Extra Yarn!

  2. We love This is not my hat and I want my hat back! We thought this would have been a very tough question had we not seen the animal characters before! Annabelle made all those sweaters! :)

  3. Annabelle made the sweaters for the animals. She never ran out of yarn because the box was magical. Annabelle made sweaters for everyone (except Mr. Crabtree who didn't even wear long pants! She made him a hat instead) and for things that didn't even need sweaters!

  4. 3rd Grade (Kyle, Aaliyah, and Caleb)- Annabelle from Extra Yarn was the one who made the sweaters.
    -Mrs. Calteux

  5. Annabelle made these sweaters.
    From Mrs. Mancl's First Graders


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