Monday, November 19, 2018

Week 11 PBID Question

It's Thanksgiving week which means there are fewer school days to look for books and try to find answers, so I decided to keep it straight forward for week 11. If you recognize this little bird, you'll probably know the answer to the question. Good luck!

What is the little bird asking the dog?

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  1. The bird is asking, "Are you my mother?"

  2. Mrs. Ebbens' 2nd grade class from Ellsworth Elementary thinks the little bird is asking the dog "Are you my mother?"

  3. He is asking the dog, "Are you my mother?"

  4. The little bird is asking the dog, "Are you my Mother?"
    From Mrs. Mancl's first graders.

  5. "Are you my mother?" The class got this right away...they were so excited! :)

  6. This is Mrs. Jungmann's class from Ellsworth Elementary School in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, we think the answer is, "Are you my Mother?"

  7. My student Kaleigh was reading this book today, so I showed her the question. She went right to the page in the book and read me the answer! The bird asks, "Are you my mother?"


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