Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break, a GPS, and a New Newspaper Column

Spring Break for the family included items and events that are wonderfully non-Wisconsin, at least at the end of March. Milwaukee Brewers baseball games (without a roof!), palm trees (under which I sat reading books and stirring fruity drinks with a toothpick umbrella), sunshine (and sunscreen...most of the time), and outdoor seating at a restaurant (under an orange tree, no less).

It also included a GPS device. "Just in case," my wife said as she put it in the suitcase. We ended up not needing it - our antiquated maps and handwritten directions worked fine - but that GPS did provide some welcome breaks to the monotony of desert driving.

NEW COLUMN: Sometimes, old 'technology' trumps new. Here's a link to the printable version.

After reading, come back here for the conclusion that was cut due to space limitations:

We made it. We're at the hotel. My wife and I are proud to say our maps and handwritten directions – we’re so twentieth century – did the trick. We experienced the desert: the rocks, the canyons, the sagebrush, the cactuses…

“It’s cacti, Dad.”

“Quit looking over my shoulder!”

“Hey, I got you here, didn’t I?”

Yeah. Something like that.

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