Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever by Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch

Mona and Joey are a brother and sister embroiled in sibling rivalry. Who will play the next level on The Mighty MoJo video game? Who can drop the video game fast enough to answer the door first? Everything is a competition. They even argue over who is the Mighty MoJo's biggest fan.

When their mailman, Mr. Mojoski, reveals his secret identity - The Mighty MoJo! - he gives them his super-powered costume and asks one of them to replace him (he's retiring to Miami) in his battle against crime. But which one? In the ensuing tug-of-war, the costume gets split right down the middle.

Right between the Mo and the Jo.

This is where SuperMOM comes to the rescue. (She's really just a normal mom, but she does save the day, just like moms everywhere.) Mom salvages MoJo's costume into two child-sized costumes. The only problem is the Mighty MoJo's powers have been split too. One costume has the magnetic boots, while the other has MoJo's stretchable arms. Who has the better powers?

That's when Saw-Jaw shows up, the Mighty MoJo's arch-nemesis, and he's dead set on ruining the city parade. As he's about to destroy the giant hippo balloon, Mo and Jo each try to stop him before the other does. They compete to stop crime!

Finally, they figure out that cooperation, not competition, is the super power they need. Their selfish actions almost allow Saw-Jaw's destruction to succeed, but their cooperation brings an end to his dastardly deeds.

Hooray TEAM MoJo!

Jay Lynch and Dean Haspiel have combined their super powers to create another great addition to the toon-books collection. Let's hope they, like Mo and Jo, continue to cooperate in the battle against crime and boring books.

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