Friday, January 16, 2009

One Year Site Updates

One year ago today Help Readers Love Reading! found its home on the web. Okay, not really, not one year to the day exactly. Last January we had a snow day from school, and I took the opportunity to start the website. Today, nearly one year later, we have another snow day.

Sort of. It's actually a cold day. Last night temperatures hit the -25 to -30 range. Factor in the wind chill and you're looking at -50ish. Buses aren't running, and nobody wants kids standing outside waiting for one anyway when frostbite can start in only ten minutes. Temperatures yesterday morning were -10 to -20 and hovered in the negative single digits all day. Yeah, we were home yesterday too.

So. January 2008 to January 2009. Snow Day to Cold Day. One year.

What better day to make some updates? Here's what's new:

So that's about it. Thanks to all my visitors over the past year, especially those of you who return on a regular basis. Hopefully each visit - whether it's your first, second, or three hundred forty-fifth - will give you another book or two that will Help Readers Love Reading!


  1. Happy anniversary! Stay warm.

  2. Thanks much! Don't worry, my sweatshirt is keeping my toasty. And the hat. And the insulated socks. Oh, and the space heater, too. And the quilt. And...

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary! Although I just discovered your site a few months ago, your comments and reviews are already helping me find new books to share with my 7th graders. Your writing style is both entertaining and informative, and I eagerly read each new post. Oh, and I sure hope you don't have to make up all of these missed days of school ... you'll be going all summer ...... eek.

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Barbara. I think we'll be safe from making up those days in summer. At least, I think...

  5. I would love to know stats for your blog. Could you include that? Year stats, most popular post visited, and number of comments left? As a math teacher, the numbers say it all!

  6. Stats, eh?

    I don't even pay that much attention to stats. Does the world map with all the little dots count?

    Seriously though, any suggestions for services to get those stats? What do you use?


    P.S. You reminded me of a favorite footnote from ON THE EDGE OF THE DARK SEA OF DARKNESS which, speaking of education and learning, says there are "Three Honored and Great Subjects: Word, Form, and Song. Some silly people believe that there’s a fourth Honored and Great Subject, but those mathematicians are woefully mistaken."

  7. Using the dreaded competition, Wordpress, it automatically gives me all of that information.

  8. Not "dreaded" competition, exactly. Just something I don't use.

    Maybe if I started using Google Analytics I'd have something there. The new Googlified Feedburner is pretty slick...


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