Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Big Bad Wolf and Me by Delphine Perret

Nothing really happens after school, right? Oh sure, there's a snack and homework and dinner and bed time. The usual stuff, but nothing really exciting. Right?

What if, on your walk home one night, you happened to meet the Big Bad Wolf? The famous one - Red Riding Hood, Grandma's house, the huffing and the puffing and the "Little Pig! Little Pig! Let me in!" You know who I'm talking about.

And he's sitting in an alley, depressed, with no hope of ever being scary again.

What would you do? Probably what the boy in The Big Bad Wolf and Me does. Take him home, hide him in your closet, sneak him food, and give him roaring and scary face lessons. After all, without him, some of our most timeless and treasured stories would be extraordinarily boring! Unreadable! Big teeth and the potential for a bloody demise always make boring stories better.

The boy teaches Bernard (yes, that's his name) all about fresh meat and eating children. Bernard even tries eating the boy's sister, but he can't do it. His "ROAR!!!" is nothing more than "Yip! Yip! Aroooo!"

Eventually, all their hard work and practice produces results. Bernard becomes wonderfully frightening again, even causing a little chaos in the school yard. In the end they celebrate Bernard's regained confidence and their friendship with a Big Bad Wolf feast! Little pigs and little girls with red hoods and...

Okay, not really. They have chocolate chip cookies in the park.

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