Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LEA Convocation

Hello to everyone attending the LEA Convocation in Minneapolis!

If you are reading this before attending the Help Readers Love Reading! sectional on Friday morning, let me know you're coming! Is there anything specific you hope to hear? Any topics you'd like me to address? Leave a comment or send me an email.

If you are reading this after the sectional, I'd love to answer any questions or continue any discussions or simply hear your thoughts and comments. Feel free to post those questions and comments below or send me an email. (Address in the website's banner and to the right.)

Before Readers - I look forward to seeing you Friday!
After Readers - Thanks for coming, and I look forward to hearing from you!

3 comments: said...

I attended your presentation yesterday. It was the best presentation BY FAR!!! I'm definitely going put your website on my Favorites List.
Lisa Reinke
Hales Corners Lutheran, Hales Corners, WI

Brian said...

Thanks for the compliment! With the great sectional options to choose from, that means a lot. Keep those students reading!

Brian said...

A number of people on their evaluations said that they'd like to see more books for younger readers. Does this apply to the visitors of the site or only to people who attended the presentation at LEA? What about you (whoever happens to be reading this comment at the moment) would you like more books for younger readers?


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