Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! by the Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! is a collection of all the information kids never knew they wanted to know. It's got a bit of everything! Randomly ordered articles touch on topics that also seem randomly chosen. You'll soon realize, however, that there is one underlying fact about all the chosen topics. Kids love them. Randomly opening the book right now I found How to Read a Dollar Bill and Today's Forecast: Rain...With a Chance of Frogs and The Birth of the Burger.

According to Uncle John's introduction, the book includes articles about gross stuff (boogers, farts, burps, dandruff, the digestive system, and his personal favorite, bellybutton lint), weird weather facts, stories about amazing kids, Jabberwocky, Sacagawea, jokes, video games, the origins of various toys, dumb crooks, sports superstitions, movie bloopers, and cartoon characters. Like I said...a bit of everything.

(Hey grown-ups, two things. First, I understand this isn't "literature." But remember the goal. Get them reading. We'll worry about appreciating the classics later. And second, don't worry. There's 20 Bathroom Readers in the regular series plus numerous spinoff series for you too.)

The original idea behind the Bathroom Readers was to have something available in the ... I mean when you ... well, uh ... well, sometimes you have to sit for a bit, and sometimes you have to sit a bit longer. Know what I mean? And Bathroom Readers have short, medium, and long sections to cover whatever your needs may be.

This is the beauty of the book. Kids can jump from topic to topic quickly or find longer articles that keep their interest. It's not meant to be read cover to cover, although that's fine. But flipping through the pages just to see what you'll find is half the fun! Kids will feel like they have learned tons of information (because they probably have!) even if they end up randomly reading only half the book.

For more information you can check them out at, and always remember what Uncle John says: "When in doubt ... Go with the Flow!"

Other books in the series include: Electrifying, Top Secret, Strange and Scary, Under the Slimy Sea, Wild and Wooly, and Did You Know...? (All are actually titled Uncle John's ------ Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!) and Uncle John's Book of Fun.

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