Friday, March 21, 2008

Travels of Thelonious (The Fog Mound - Book #1) by Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Thelonious Chipmunk lives in his own place on the river in the Untamed Forest. Even though he's grown he still believes in the old legends of humans. There was a time, the legends say, the time of Human Occupation, when humans lived and animals only spoke in the low language of grunts and growls. Thelonious keeps a human artifact, a large photograph of a tall building created by humans.

But the old legends are just myths.

When a storm comes and washes away Thelonious's tree, he struggles to survive in the raging flood waters until he washed up on the shores of the City of Ruins.

Where he learns there is truth to the old legends!

Nearly tricked by one of the Dragon Lady's lizard spies, Thelonious escapes and luckily finds a friend in the city. Fitzgerald the porcupine lives in a library. He introduces Thelonious to books, canned food, electricity, and clothing. The two go to meet Olive Bear - a flying bear! - and the three plan to get Thelonious and Olive back to their homes.

The three face attacks from the Dragon Lady's ratminks and the mysterious mist of the Fog Mound, Olive's home. The group grows to four and then five with two surprising additions as the travelers try to reach the Olive's peaceful home atop the Fog Mound.

Travels of Thelonious is written in a unique way. Chapters alternate between traditional novel and graphic novel. Oversized and 214 pages long, the book seems daunting at first glance, but young readers find themselves moving quickly, especially through the comic book chapters.

Other books in The Fog Mound series: Faradawn and Simon's Dream (June 2008)

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