Friday, March 21, 2008

Chasing the Falconers (On the Run - Book #1) by Gordon Korman

Meg and Aiden Falconer live on Sunnydale Farm, a remote juvenile detention facility in Nebraska. Alcatraz Junior, Aiden calls it, with acres of farmland replacing the water. But don’t judge them by where they live. They’ve done nothing wrong. Except their parents have been convicted of aiding terrorists. You think Aunt Mildred (or anyone) wants them under her roof? Children of the biggest enemies of the United States? The Falconer kids? The most despised last name in the country? Yeah, that’ll endear her to the neighbors.

With no one willing to take them, and everyone willing to hate them, Meg and Aiden Falconer become Meg and Aiden Eagleson and are put in Juvie for their own protection. But after a fire at Sunnydale, accidentally started by Aiden, they run.

Knowing their parents are innocent, and knowing that vanished Uncle Frank Lindenauer is their connection to the truth, Meg and Aiden begin a journey to first, avoid the FBI, namely agent Emmanuel Harris who led the investigation against their parents, and second, to find Uncle Frank and prove their parents’ innocence.

Whether by train, SUV, bus, airplane, four-wheeler, bicycle, or their own two feet, Meg and Aiden criss cross the country and manage to stay two steps ahead of Agent Harris, one step ahead of a mysterious assassin they call Hairless Joe, and one step behind Uncle Frank Lindenauer.

Through their ingenuity, clues from their father’s detective novels, a good number of lucky breaks, the Falconer kids get closer and closer to Uncle Frank and the truth that will reunite their family. Pages turn quickly, and each book ends with a cliffhanger. Get the whole won't want to finish one and not have the next.

Other books in the On the Run Series: The Fugitive Factor, Now You See Them Now You Don't, The Stowaway Solution, Public Enemies, and Hunting the Hunter.

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