Friday, November 28, 2008

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems

All kids have a blanky or stuffed animal or a woobie (see below), so all kids can relate to Knuffle Bunny. (I had an Oscar the Grouch who helped me take on a tonsillectomy.) Trixie accompanies Daddy to the laundromat, Knuffle Bunny securely under her arm. But as the title says, this is a cautionary tale. Children, take heed! When helping Daddy with the laundry, or when doing any other necessary activity accompanied by Knuffle Bunny (or your personal equivalent), don't become distracted.

Trixie becomes distracted. As she assists Daddy with the dirty clothes by flinging them haphazardly around the laundromat, Knuffle Bunny is temporarily forgotten. Watch the illustrations closely and you'll see the result before Trixie realizes it.

Thank you, Trixie, for allowing children everywhere to learn from your unfortunate experience.

Half way home, Trixie realizes Knuffle Bunny is not with them. She tries to tell Daddy. "Aggle flaggle klabble!" she says. "Blaggle plabble! Wumby flappy?!" she explains. When her explanations don't work, she's left with no choice. She bawls. She goes boneless.

Mom recognizes the problem as soon as they get home. After a frenzied retracing of steps, Knuffle Bunny is rescued, and Trixie surprisingly speaks her first words.

And the sequel, Knuffle Bunny Too, shows readers that Trixie isn't quite ready to give up her woobie...I mean Knuffle Bunny. (Hey, not many of us are.)


  1. Do you pronounce it with a silent k or not? I've always wondered!!!

  2. In Knuffle Bunny Too, when Trixie and Sonja argue this very topic, Trixie pronounces it "KUH-Nuffle," while Sonja insists it's "Nuffle." I had already written that in a post, but your comment beat that scheduled post by about 8 hours.

    I've always said "Nuffle." I'm sure Trixie would have politely corrected me.


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