Monday, January 7, 2019

Week 16 PBID Question

Welcome back to school, and welcome to 2019! I hope you had a good winter break, but like me, I hope you are excited to be back at school as well. We haven't had a new question since December 17. That's three full weeks! It must be time for a new question. Who's ready?

Ready or not, here comes the PBID question for Week 16!

At the end of this book, this boy has a dopey deck of cards, a one-eyed bear, a melted candle ... and what else? 

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  1. Alexander, who used to be rich, last Sunday, had those things and... bus tokens!

  2. Mrs. Anderson'sn 2nd grade classJanuary 7, 2019 at 11:56 AM

    bus tokens

  3. Bus Tokens! from the book: Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. - From Mrs. Rogus' 2nd Graders

  4. Alexander had bus tokens.
    From Mrs. Mancl's first graders

  5. Mrs. Calteux's 4th Grade Group (Lexie, Maddie, Kylie, Easton, Braiden, Taylor) found... BUS TOKENS to be the answer.


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