Monday, August 11, 2008

Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Oh what a difference one little letter can make. Pet or pest? That’s the question being asked by Buzz, the pith helmet wearing, neighborhood exploring young man in search of an entry for the Amazing Pet Show.

Pet or pest? The answer makes a big difference to Fly Guy. It’s life or death! It’s life as an honored pet with the finest of meats and accommodations (a hot dog and spacious jar) or an untimely date with Dad’s swatter.

So how will people decide? Buzz knows Fly Guy’s a pet right away, but when Fly Guy shows that he knows Buzz’s name (“BUZZ!”), the boy realizes he’s the smartest pet in the world.

Dad thinks pest immediately, and the chase with the swatter begins. Then Dad hears Fly Guy call Buzz’s name (“BUZZ!”) and he drops the S. Pest becomes pet.

At the Amazing Pet Show, the judges don’t give awards to pests, and judges, especially those all high-and-mighty in their top hat and tails, tend to be a bit hard headed. Fly Guy needs to do some convincing. He does some fancy flying. He speaks (“BUZZ!”). He shows that he knows his own jar. Finally, finally, the judges realize there’s no S in pet, and they award Fly Guy with the appropriate pet show award.

Other books in Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy Series: Super Fly Guy, Shoo Fly Guy, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Guy, Fly High Fly Guy, and Hooray for Fly Guy.

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    This sounds like an awesome book. I just ordered it after reading about it here.


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