Saturday, August 2, 2008

Big Bad Bunny by Franny Billingsley

What seems to be two stories set to intersect with much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth turns out to be only half that. Yes, Big Bad Bunny is two stories that intersect, but instead of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth…okay, I guess all those things are indeed in the book! Cool! What a great bedtime story!

Read this one during the day first. See how your youngster reacts. Nobody wants bad dreams about vicious, man-eating rabbits permeating their child’s peaceful slumber.

Big Bad Bunny is on a rampage in the forest. There are long sharp claws and pointy yellow teeth and a howl as loud as a hungry hyena. TEN hungry hyenas, in fact. Big Bad Bunny can go anywhere. Rushing streams, mucky swamps, and tangly bushes are no match for Big Bad Bunny. Even a steep, slippery hill…

Meanwhile, Mama Mouse is tucking in her little dears for naptime. Little Tippy and Little Flurry get their kisses, but wait! What’s this? Where’s Baby Boo-Boo? Missing?

Off Mama Mouse races, directly into the dangerous forest, directly into the path of Big Bad Bunny, intent on finding Baby Boo-Boo. Mama Mouse can go anywhere. Rushing streams, mucky swamps, and tangly bushes are no match for Mama Mouse. Even a steep, slippery hill…is where she finds Big Bad Bunny. Mama Mouse heard a howl like a HUNDRED hungry hyenas.

But Big Bad Bunny is no longer big and no longer bad. And no longer a bunny. Baby Boo-Boo has been found.

Mama Mouse discovers more than her missing Baby Boo-Boo. She discovers a young mouse who firmly insists, “I’m not a baby! I’m Big Bad Bunny!”

“Oh,” says Mama Mouse. “Nice to meet you. Do you want to go home?”

And off they go, back to naptime, where all three Mouse children are now tucked in, and Big Bad Boo-Boo, no longer considered the baby of the family, gets a Big Bad goodnight kiss.


  1. oooooooooooh, am I excited! Found your blog through another blogger's shout out and have written down several books to add to my workshop! Keep them coming!

  2. I'll do what I can to keep them coming. There's a couple posts in the hopper right now and more and more books on the pile. We'll see if there's some good ones.


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