Conference Workshops & Teacher Inservice
All topics can be presented as conference workshops or teacher inservice programs.

Help Readers Love Reading
Learn about great books, both new and new-to-you, that students want to read and simple yet engaging activities to use immediately with individuals, classes, and school-wide.

Help Teachers Love Reading
See how being an avid reader yourself impacts your students' reading achievement and learn easy ways to improve your own reading habits.

The Importance of Stories
Stories allow us to travel the world, travel time, and see through another's eyes. See the impact stories can have on content area instruction.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Not Just For Athletes Anymore
Learn how to run extra-curricular literature groups for students of any age.

School Visits

Classroom Visits
Brian's classroom visits include motivational stories, attention-grabbing read alouds, and piles of irresistible books. Classroom presentations move quickly, present numerous titles, and provide question and answer time. Students get to see and page through all the titles Brian shares with book talks.

Large Group Presentations
Combine two, three, or four classes together for a presentation similar to a classroom visit. Although less intimate, students are still presented with a multitude of titles through read alouds and book talks. Feel the anticipation build, watch the excitement spread, as students can’t wait to get their hands on the books.

Whether in a small or large group, these 30-45 minute presentations will motivate your readers. In many cases schools can work with Brian to make the books mentioned in his presentations available to students immediately, when excitement is at its peak.

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