Disclosure Policy

In an effort to be completely transparent, not to mention in compliance with FTC guidelines, here is the Help Readers Love Reading disclosure policy:

Help Readers Love Reading is a personal site written and edited by me. Please contact me with any questions.

Help Readers Love Reading does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. (1)  Whatever compensation is received will never influence the content of Help Readers Love Reading!. (2)

The owner of Help Readers Love Reading (3) is not compensated for his opinions. (4) 

The views and opinions expressed on Help Readers Love Reading are mine and mine alone. (5)

If I appear to be an expert on a certain topic, I will only recommend books that I believe, based on that expertise, are worthy of said recommendation. (6)

(1) Mostly because I’ve never been asked. Let’s face facts. If someone drove a dump truck full of money up my driveway, I’d consider their offer. Wouldn’t you? Until that happens, I’ll graciously settle for the heretofore occasional and infrequent free book or advanced readers copy provided by an author or publisher.

(2) I’ve received free books and not recommended them. If I claim to recommend books kids will love, and parents and teachers trust me, then I’d better not let something like a free book influence my recommendations.

(3) Me

(4) But it’d be a nice gig if you could get it.

(5) Oh, boy.

(6) The inclusion of that bit of legalese was advised. My preferred edit would read, “If I appear to be an expert on a certain topic … um, what?”

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