Thursday, March 19, 2020

A New Resource: Reading with Mr. W

Yesterday I announced a hiatus for the #PictYourBooks challenge and said that much of my time would be spent on a new resource for the students in my school and in my district. Today I'd like to share that resource with readers of Help Readers Love Reading as well.

Reading with Mr. W  is a temporary website I'm creating to provide reading experiences with my students during the indefinite school shut down here in Wisconsin due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). The site includes many of the activities I would be doing with students if school was in session such as novel read-alouds and picture book read-alouds and opportunities to partner-read with me.

More information about the website and its purpose can be found here.

Those of you who follow this website have become familiar with the activities I've done in the past few years including #TheCharacterTournament, the #PBIDchallenge, this year's #PictYourBooks challenge, and all the book reviews. I hope my passion for books and reading has been evident in the activities I've created and shared here, just like I hope that same excitement can be seen with my students at school. Reading with Mr. W is an attempt to connect the two: create an online presence that somehow replicates my students' school experience.

As always, your thoughts and ideas and comments are appreciated. We're all in this together, whether you are a teacher or parent or both, so let's work together to do the best we can for our kids while schools are closed. Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone!

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