Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 4 #PictYourBooks Challenge

It's October, and it's snowing. Snowing! Like big, white flakes falling from the sky. Just this past week students were visiting the apple orchard and pumpkin patch and it was 70 degrees. There are still leaves to rake. My goodness, most of the leaves haven't even fallen off the trees yet, and now it's snowing! Did I mention it's only October?

Can you tell I'm not ready for this crazy weather? Last winter we missed seven (or was it eight?) days of school due to snow and freezing cold temperatures. Who knows what this winter holds, but here's the thing: it should not be winter NOW!

This past summer in central Wisconsin we had a storm called a derecho. I'd never even heard of that before! There was a lot of really strong wind. Lots of trees were knocked down, and some people didn't have electricity for over a week. More crazy weather!

So that leads us to this week's challenge:

Challenge #4: Share a book with any kind of crazy weather.

You have one week to submit your answer before we move on to week 5. Answers can be submitted three ways. Snap a picture of any book that answers the challenge and:
Please include the week number with your picture. You may also include who the image is from, like a teacher's name, and a description of how the book answers the challenge. Writing information on a sticky note and including it in the picture works great!

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