Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Week 33 PBID BONUS Question

Surprise! It's a mid-week BONUS question! Actually, it's TWO questions! Are you up to the challenge? The illustrator of the book featured in the regular Week 33 question is also the author of this brand-new book. 

What are the names of these two characters?
In this book, who prefers walking?

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  1. Harold & Hog. We think that Hog is too careful to be Piggie, and Harold is too carefree to be Gerald! So we think Hog would do the walking.

  2. Harold and Hog are the names of the characters, but we haven't been able to locate a book, so we aren't sure who prefers walking. --- Mrs. Rogus' 2nd graders

  3. The characters' names are Harold and Hog. After some speculation and thinking that it was Hog, we had an opportunity to have the book read to us. It was then that we learned that it was in fact the Harold and Hog version of the Pigeon.

  4. Mrs. Anderson's 2nd grade classMay 10, 2019 at 9:22 AM

    Harold and Hog

    We are guessing that Hog likes to walk.
    We can't wait to read this book when we can finally find a copy.


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