Monday, April 15, 2019

Week 30 PBID Question

Summer is coming, and the two boys in this week's picture are making the most of their summer. (And let me tell you, I'm planning to make the most of my summer too. How about you?) Maybe that's a topic for another day. Let's get back to these two boys, shall we?

These two friends stay at Bill and Pam's house. While there the boys attend a week of what?

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  1. Mrs. Anderson's 2nd grade classApril 15, 2019 at 11:29 AM

    Nature Camp (Sit-Around-Camp or Sweat-a-lot Camp)

  2. They went to nature camp, or according to the boys "Sit-Around Camp" or "Sweat-a-Lot Camp"

  3. The boys went to nature camp for a week.
    From Mrs. Mancl's first graders.

  4. Nature Camp! One of my students noticed that these characters looked like the illustrations in Clementine which is how we found the answer! They loved the book! - Mrs. Rogus' 2nd graders


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