Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill Journal Entry 2

Dear Mr. W,

One main character in The Year of Miss Agnes is Miss Agnes. Some character traits for her are that she is a good teacher. She is also helpful and kids are important to her. It’s important that kids learn.

I know she is a good teacher because none of the other teachers ever tried to teach Bokko because she is deaf. Miss Agnes taught her sign language and how to read lips. She even had to learn sign language herself in order to teach it. Then the whole class learned those things, not just Bokko. Miss Agnes made a timeline on the wall and drew pictures from the past and put them on the timeline. Fred said that Miss Agnes could make information stick, even though they didn’t take tests. Instead they played “time machine.” 

Miss Agnes helps a lot. She taught Bokko. She also taught adults from the village even though they weren’t students. When Marie had to stay home and take care of kids, Miss Agnes had Marie come to her house at night to keep learning. She played her squeezebox at village parties so the band could take a break from playing music and dance.

Kids and learning are important to her as well. She tells Fred and Bokko’s mom that Bokko should go to school even though she is deaf. When Little Pete had to leave to work on the trapline, she read extra long so he could hear the end of Robin Hood and told him to write in a journal she gave him every day when he was gone. When their school was about to close, she gave up going home to England to stay and keep the school open. That totally shows that kids and learning are important to her.

Brian Fourth Grader

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