Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem by Chris Monroe

There are a number of things that can cause an Arooga Boom Clang Clang sound in your house. You know, sometimes you’re laying in bed, maybe just starting to wake up, and suddenly Arooga Boom Clang Clang pulls you completely out of your slumber. Just off the top of my head, it could it be:

A. The furnace reacting to the -4 degree overnight low.
B. An early morning visitor in a Model T.
C. An elephant clogging the laundry chute.

No matter what the cause, when you have a tool belt like Chico Bon Bon, you can handle it. But finding the noisy problem can prove to be more difficult than solving the noisy problem. Where could it be? The bread box? The hamper? Under the floor boards? No, it was none of those.

What could cause it? A tricky family of woodpeckers? A lumberjack? Bats, monsters, or squirrels? Again, none of those. Believe it or not, there truly is an elephant clogging Chico Bon Bon’s laundry chute. An elephant named Clark.

Clark thought he was visiting his Elsa’s house, but Elsa lives two doors down. The next thing he knew, WHAM! Stuck in the laundry chute. Thankfully, Chico Bon Bon is one resourceful monkey.

A monkey with a tool belt. And tool belts have everything needed for solving problems. A chipper, a chopper, a bopper, a bipper. A tacker, a clacker, a snicker-snacker. A paper scraper, a glitter vac, a putty splapper, a tail clamp.

And numerous others, especially those used to laundry de-chute an elephant.

Kids will once again enjoy Chico Bon Bon’s adventure, even though this one doesn’t even take him out of his house. Author Chris Monroe has created a monkey who is thoughtful, thorough, and creative problem solver, and who proves to be a great friend.

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