Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blizzard Site Updates

The first snow day of the season came yesterday, a month earlier than the past couple years when the snow and bitter cold waited until January. But why let a good ole’ fashioned blizzard go to waste? So after getting the hay twisted into sticks for the night’s fire, I decided I might as well do some site updates.

First, I finally got around to adding a disclosure policy. It sounds so serious. Disclosure policy. But apparently I need to tell readers all the ways I am compensated for the content on this site so you can decide if my opinions are being influenced by the big bucks that are a-rollin’ in. Or not. Basically, there’s no advertising or paid product placement. Once in a while I receive a free book or advanced readers copy from an author or publisher (thank you!), but that doesn’t mean it will end up recommended on the site.

Second, to follow up the disclosure policy, I tagged all book reviews with one of four tags to identify where I obtained the book.

1. Book - Personal Copy
2. Book - Library Copy
3. Book - Advance Readers Copy
4. Book - Free Copy

Most of the reviews I publish come from books in my personal collection. A good number of books came from a local library, either public or school. The ARC and Free Copy tags refer to books I received from authors or publishers.

And that’s it. Thanks to everyone who visits Help Readers Love Reading! and thanks for all you do to get great books into the hands of kids.

Oh yeah, click here to read the disclosure policy.

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