Saturday, October 25, 2008

Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken by Kate DiCamillo

Attention! Attention, readers who long for adventure. Readers who wish to feel the strong, fresh breeze of the sea. Readers with ideas of challenging pirates, following the the bright lights and loud music of the circus, and leading fellow prisoners to freedom.

And readers whose hearts, at the mere mention of adventure, beat fast within their feathered breast. Here for you, at last, courtesy of Louise the Chicken and author Kate DiCamillo, is true adventure!

Louise is no ordinary chicken. While life on the farm is good - there is a caring farmer and his wife, comfortable living quarters, and feathered friends like curious Monique - Louise sometimes longs to leave the farm, to leave the henhouse, and find true adventure.

Louise faces chicken-eating pirates and shipwrecks, chicken-eating lions and high wire acts. She faces imprisonment in a foreign country with other chickens deprived their inalienable right to peck and scratch. But Louise always makes it home.

After all, even the most adventurous chicken sometimes likes to be safe and warm in the henhouse, nestled deeply into fresh straw, sleeping the "deep and dreamless sleep of the true adventurer."

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